TRY DIVE, 1/2Day

Don't give up the opportunity to try dive and discover the underwater world, we'll make of your first dive one thing unforgettable.

The introduction dive consists in a fun dive with a monitor until 5m deep máximum. For safety reasons and for enjoy more the experience, we always do it one by one, so, you going to be monitored all time for you monitor, we always offer a personalized attention under water.

We do the activity from boat, we navigate during a half an hour until arrive to the best place, not deep place where can see the marine life without descending deeper.

Before the dive we do a brief explication for enjoy the experience without worries.

Now, we are prepared, into the sea!

Once finished the activity we give to the participants a certifícate and a discount for the first diving cours, called Open Water Diver.

All the activity takes 2h30 and we do it every day at 15h00.

Price par person  79 €

Price from 4 people  69 €

It's necessary to book 1 or 2 days before.


Don't wait anymore and BOOK NOW your Try Dive in la Costa Brava!