First step into the world of scuba diving.
The adventure begins now!

The OPEN WATER is the first diving course where you will learn the basic skills to dive in a responsible, safe and funny way. It has international validity and once passed it, you can dive worldwide to 18m deep with a guide or Rescue Diver.
The course consists of:
- 5modules + Final Exam theoretical issues
- 5 modules of exercises in a pool or confined water
- 4 dives in open sea from boat

We can do the practical part in 3 or 5 days depending on the rhythm of each person and their availability. It is a very flexible cours so you can progress and repartirte the classes as you well.
The theoretical part will be done in 2 ways: at school or online.
- At School: when you get to the center we will give you a manual with few exercises to solve. Although most of the theory do independently, have theoretical hours in school.
- Online / E-Learning: Once you access the page by clicking here, you will be asked bank details and will charge the theoretical part of the course beforethe start. Although do the theory online, here unavez will review all the theory needed.
- Minimum 12 years
- Medical certificate as you are fit for diving. In l'Escala there are 2 places where you can do it: MediMedic i Riells Medic Centre.
Course duration: 4 - 6 days

Standard course fee: 440 € with online manual.
Gold course fee: 490€ with online and offline manual and videos.

Price includes all teaching and diving equipment and dive insurance during the course.
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