L'Escala is a fishing village with very diverse landscapes, from sandy beaches formed by coastal dunes to rocky hills and rugged coves. This landscape is located between Montgrí massif and the Empordà Marshes.
Cultural resources are numerous: Archaeology Museum of Catalonia-Empúries, with the ruins of a Greek-Roman city, Museum of Anchovy and Salt, The old sailors cemetery, Sant Martí d'Empuries (preserved as a medieval village) Interpretation Center of the Maram (fishing life and activities), few monuments dedicated to womens of the fishermen and also to the fishermen. 
L'Escala is also famous for its gastronomy, especially the Anchovies, preserved using ancient methods and we inform that a visit to one of the anchovy factories is highly recommended.
We also inform of important cultural activities that are held along the year as the Triumvirate Mediterranean, the Marathon Empuries,  the Folkloric meeting of the Sardana, the celebration of the Virgin of Carmen, the Portalblau, the Celebration of the salt and the gastronomic tapas rutes of Anchovy.

In l'Escala you will have few opporunities for sport activities as cycling, hiking, sailing, and diving of course.


ANOTHERS ACTIVITIES                                              



  CREUERS MARENOSTRUM                        Restaurant els Pescadors  LA LLAR DELS PESCADORS        


 Ruines Empuries  RUINES D'EMPÚRIES                     Maram  MARAM          


 Museu de l'anxova  MASLE                                INFO. L'ESCALA  L'ESCALA        

Costa Brava from the air

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