Daily diving trips to Montgrí Coast and one day a week diving trip to Medas Islands and Rosas.
If you don't find the date or the diving spot you want, contact us to program it.

 ATENCIÓ: The time stated at our schedule is the time of departure.

L'hora indicada al calendari web és l'hora de sortida del barco.

Daily departures on demand, contact us to schedule it. (Custom, groups)

  - Daily departures on the Costa del Montgrí.
  - Weekly departures Roses and Medes Islands.
  - Technical dive wrecks, and St. Prosper Marmoler.

Check the calendar.


  • 17 August 2017

    08:30h - 11:30h

    Reggio Messina

    Dive Paradis - l'Escala - Costa del Montgrí | 32 €

    Wreck dive - Minimum level Advanced/N2
  • 18 August 2017

    08:30h - 11:30h

    Illa Ferriol

    Dive Paradis - l'Escala - Costa del Montgrí | 32 €

    For all levels
  • 20 August 2017

    08:30h - 12:30h

    Illes Medes - La Pota del Llop

    Dive Paradis - L'Escala - Costa Brava | 39 €

    Natural Park